Saturday, March 13, 2010

Olive Branch

I made this still life painting a few days ago, it is a custom order for a just married girl who loves everything about olive trees! And I can see why..
Olive branch is a very powerful symbol. Represents peace, wisdom, fertility and pureness. I remind you that in ancient Greece, at the Olympic Games, every victor was crowned with a simple wreath, woven from olive branches..

Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 30 cm


  1. wow perfect and beautiful:))))))))))

  2. Gorgeousness! I love olive trees too.

  3. Oh,'s gorgeous! You are so talented!!! I just love your work!

  4. What a wonderful wedding project. I love the elegance of the leaves.

  5. Hello Gogo, nice to see you in blogging.
    I adore your artistic talent. As you know we met in my space. You left a link for me today to check your new site. I found your link to your blog and here I am following you as I am a blogger too...Keep on working on the lovely art. Your talent shines, it is a very-unique and beautiful.

    Best wishes to you,
    From LOTUS11~ Zuzanna

  6. Gogo, This is an excellent composition! It is so beautifully rendered! It looks like it will come off the page. Really this is painted from the soul, the soul of a talented and gifted artist. Your art is exquisite!
    me agapi,

  7. Wonderful. Just discovered your blog. This work reminds me of a mosaic I made using pebbles from Greece. You can see it on : - scroll down the page

  8. Wow,
    that is really really Beautiful!!!

  9. I came looking for an olive branch thru images on google. It is for a work I am doing in my rug hooking medium. I am also an artist. I could have chosen a photo image - but your work caught my eye and I had to check it out. Very well done. Great use of light and the modern feel of it was wonderful combined with the "old world" sort of feel to the actual olives. Keep at it - a "budding" career ahead!

  10. "Ron & Tamie" thank you so much!!
    I m glad you chose my painting as reference, this is one of my first attempts painting still life and I m satisfied with the result..

  11. i was looking for olive branch images as well!.. i am an illustrator and metal crafting designer with michael aram designs..
    i love ur paiting and using it as a reference.. if i sculpt it.. wil send u a picture ... artists connect more ways than one huh.. stay blessed

  12. very beautiful and meaningful work